From Disney to the Beatles, Standards to Billy Joel, this album of cool, acoustic arrangements will successfully soothe little ones to sleep while adult listeners relax to the satisfying, fresh take on ‘kids’ music.

Suzanne Jamieson Selmo, who released her first album “A Sun-Up Sky” in 2009 to rave reviews became a mother to Colette (who charms on the back cover of Shine) and noticed the dearth of lullaby albums that she enjoyed personally that ‘did the job,’ so to speak, of lulling her baby to sleep. Hence the creation of Shine: Lullabies for Everyone.

Suzanne polled the social networks for the most beloved lullabies and added her own personal favorites, including many non-traditional songs that could work in a lullaby album with fresh, current piano arrangements by John Boswell. Additionally, Suzanne and John co-wrote ‘I’ll Miss You Til the Morning,” an original lullaby about the anticipation of seeing your child’s sweet face in the morning. In addition to piano, gorgeous acoustics by master guitarist and former ‘Wings’ member Laurence Juber and rich, velvety cello by Stefanie Fife create the folky, jazzy, relaxing but contemporary tunes to be discovered on this album.