Suzanne teaches positive life skills through amazing pop music


Suzanne’s background in Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness gives her a unique point of view in the Childrens Music genre. She is passionate about teaching children social emotional skills at a young age, and wants you to join her in teaching your kids these tools for happiness and well-being. Let music take them there.

Suzanne Jamieson Bounce portrait

New Album Release July 17!

“I’m super excited to announce that the release of my new album is just around the corner. Bounce  is co-written and produced by triple Grammy nominated childrens’ band The Pop Ups. I can’t wait to share it.”

— Suzanne

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From Disney to the Beatles, Standards to Billy Joel, this album of cool, acoustic arrangements will successfully soothe little ones to sleep while adult listeners relax to the satisfying, fresh take on ‘kids’ music.